Reading, watching, posting, staring into the glare of social media in the internet age. I look up, they too, all of them, are looking into screens – searching, searching, always searching… for life, for love, for themselves. Face time might save me, but there was only screen time. The endless internet information, false news, alternative facts, confused and confounded. Doubt was stalking my thought. Its wolves nipped at my heels. I fell and they were upon me. I felt love, I felt hate, I thought about it. I reached up with bloodied hand. I could only grasp what truth there was… I was radicalised by the internet.

This blog is informed by the internet and radical in its disregard for the sanctity of just about anything: the status quo, political correctness, ideology, belief, normalcy, fact or even rationality. Vast and open freedom of thought, creativity, insight, bravery near foolishness is the aim of this site. Humorous, but with no particular aim at laughter to temper truth, this site will delight, its impunity will anger you and will make you think. If it does not it, may it fade away.

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