Looking for the Good and the Strong

Good as Power

In our Christian/post-Christian secular society good is a meek ideal, innocent to near passivity. It makes me feel anaemic to even contemplate.

So let me state here, Good is no such weakling.

Good is guts. Good is power. Good is bad ass. Good is making the choice to stand up. Good is turning the system on its head if need be.

Good is revolutionary.

And Good requires Strength so much so, it is synonymous with it.

To me everything is secondary to these two qualities – good and strong. Be it an organisation, a system, a group, an idea, a friend or a partner. These are the core qualities I look for.

Because if you are merely good, you are a push over.

If you are merely strong, well… strong for what? For you alone? It’s barely worth it. There is no point to such a life.

Where to be Good and Strong

By being Good and Strong, I don’t mean saving kittens or giving up your job to join Doctors without Borders or something. Hell, we need you right here! We need the good and strong right here. In the farms, in the streets, in the factories and the offices and the schools, we need you right here.

I mean just living your day-to-day life, doing whatever it is you do, with strength and goodness. Infusing it into the work you do, the people you meet and even the space around you.

Your world is anything or anyone within a ten meter radius, it is as far as you can make out the whites of people’s eyes and it is any room you walk into.

Within those spaces you reign supreme. This is your world. You own it and you’ll be damned if people bring bad law into your world. In your world you seek to foster good and strength in everything and everyone you see.

Sounds a bit like confidence, doesn’t it? It is. It is confidence for yourself and the world you believe in.

Sounds even a bit too assertive, does it? It is. Do you think next asshole who believes in far less than you (themselves or an inflated version thereof), doesn’t walk around like he owns it?!

You need to own it, but you own it deeper, more profoundly, for far better reasons than he does. His reasons will die with him. You stand tall for good and strong values that have existed for millennia, that have engaged the greatest minds and that will continue infinitely into the future.

Your confidence is not just in you, for what kind of confidence is that? Your confidence is in a world that existed long before you and will exist long after you, an infinite world. It is confidence in a world that you cannot touch, a world of value and ideas, that can only be seen by the intelligent mind. And most importantly, it is confidence that such a world will be implemented in this world, the world you walk in, the ‘real’ world, everywhere you go.

Secular Religion, Self-respect and Overcoming Fear

In fact, what I’m talking about right here is true religion, true faith. Goodness and Strength are everlasting values.

When you attach yourself, when you make a part of yourself something that is infinite, you live forever. You do this by believing and acting on your belief – participation. Your participation, in everlasting values, makes you everlasting. This is the real life everlasting of the Christian, the Muslim and the Jew but it does not require you to be religious.

No one should have a problem with you asserting your everlasting values of goodness and strength. And if they do, if they really have a problem with a better world even after you’ve done your utmost to reason with them, well you know who your enemy is.

Again, its not about being a saint or super hero or even giving change to the homeless man.

When you think about it, it’s simply having a respect for yourself and what you believe in. Why should your world have to bear witness to the atrocities of a bully or the mistreatment of store staff or the cheating of the truth? It’s repulsive to you. And it is repulsive to anyone who is anybody, that has or will ever exist!

It’s an insult to your world, that you should not have to put up with. ‘Not in my world’ you say, ‘Not in my world’… Damn right, not in your world.

We have all seen scared people and we’ve all been scared. People afraid to do the right thing, to speak truth, to stand up for someone, because they don’t want to be unpopular, they don’t want to lose face, they don’t want to even risk just anything at all or even their life vibrancy is so pallid they just can’t be bothered to raise a finger. This is the real meek.

But when you are good and strong and you do stand up and you don’t let wrongness, meanness or pathetic platitudes passing for values, go unchallenged you make this world a braver place. Particularly, if you have any influence over people. If you are a manager, a mentor, a teacher or your job entails helping people, your power, your ability to be good and strong has great impact.

Government cannot make this society what you want it to be. You cannot legislate character and true belief.

But a society even half full of good and strong people with just some influence over others can make your society what you want it to be.


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