Part 3 – Trump’s Comments about Women

I’m about done writing about Trump because trying to come to terms with what he says and does is testing my moral and intuitive fibres. This is just about the last thing I write trying to assess his character. While I still have my poultry/paltry 175 Facebook friends. Maybe I shouldn’t shove these posts in your face on Facebook? But how will I become famous?!

So, here it goes:

Trump hasn’t said anything about women that we didn’t already know a lot of men think about women. They think it and maybe occasionally say it. He also thinks it, probably says it, but then he goes and says it publicly as well.

The real crime, the crime that no one else in his position commits, is he has no respect for the office of the President of the United States. Maybe even less respect than he has for women.

The man talks plain, but not vanilla plain. His comments about grabbing women by their ‘p****y’, is a case in point. I talked to my mom about this, as I do when there’s a sex scandal with lurid details. I call mom, right away. That’s what good Canadian boys do.

My mom (Brit: mum) is of retirement age, originally from England. She said, ‘do you think for a second that all those other guys, Presidents, high level businessmen, etc. don’t say and do exactly the same thing?! Please.’ Well, there you go, a Trump supporter or just wise with the world?

It’s true, they do. We are shocked though because Trump holds the most powerful office in the world, yet he still says things like that (even if he said them before his running for office). We are also shocked at the volume of negative comments he makes about women.

This guy doesn’t have a filter.

He’s a man that sees what he sees and he says exactly how he sees it. And from what he says it is blatant that he has lived his life in the business world. He measures ‘winning’ by how many toys you have. He measures women by their hip, waist and bust measurements and how pretty their faces are.

How odd? Well, wow, in a way that sounds like just about everybody in the whole God damn world! Except for Obama, of course. Idealistic saintly gaze to the horizon, he clearly only sees ‘inner beauty’… given errr Michelle. Lol, I’m kidding, omg, she’s really pretty… I’d tap dat ass.

But, my attempt at humour aside (for those that didn’t find that funny) there is indeed an issue with pretty much only judging a woman by the way they look. But this is not a Trump specific problem. I know a lot of guys who measure women continually and mercilessly on appearance. Unlike Trump, they just wouldn’t say, so-and-so has a fat ass and therefore can’t be a 10, while running for President!

But at the same time, they may not have the guts (or the filter) to stand in front of the world, with four previous Presidents looking on, and rip into them and the establishment for allowing American manufacturing to collapse and for allowing American jobs to dissipate! Maybe you can’t get one without the other! I suppose, they just don’t make them like that.

He’s a 70 year old man that has learned what he is learned. I can tell you what my generations parents often say, and it ain’t always pretty.

But regardless of age, most of us have learned also what he’s learned, know what he knows. But you and I are not going to say it, but he will.

That’s the difference. Don’t fool yourself into thinking too much that he’s evil and your not. In some respects he’s only more honest than you.

He’s real crime is not respecting the Office of the President of the USA. The world’s criticism of Trump in regard to his comments amount to ‘you have sullied the Office of the President, by saying things most people shut up about when in office’.

I don’t think he doesn’t necessarily respect women. The real issue is he doesn’t respect anything. But there’s almost a beautiful honesty there, and working class people of the US get it. He doesn’t give a fuck. He doesn’t give a fuck about your office and he doesn’t give a fuck about your political correctness either.

I don’t know what is more insulting to women. Trump or a whole political class of mostly men who know exactly what the deal is when it comes to grabbing ‘p****y’ and sure as hell judge women on looks.

Bill Clinton has been described by some as a predator. Bill is no dummy and is regarded as consummate womaniser. He knows, that in terms of a political career and in terms of charming and seducing women, you don’t say things that Donald Trump says. It doesn’t really work, and on top of that it makes you feel a bit icky. But you know sure as shit Bill does grab ‘p****y’. Yep, right there in the Oval Office.

Now, the whole topic of grabbing women brings in massively complex topics such as feminism and sexuality and all kinds of stuff I won’t get into here. But suffice to say that when women get upset about Trump and others saying this type of stuff its because it makes women as sexual prey, and only sexual prey.

The thing is women are sexual prey. But they are not just that, they are people as well. I know that sounds shocking. It is beyond the scope of this post to explain it fully, but it is explained in my other post “Women as Prey, Women as People” (which is not yet complete).

We all know that ‘grabbing’ goes on. I hope we are all okay with consensual ‘grabbing’ – well even you’re not, its not your business anyway! I hope that Trump meant ‘grabbing’ in a metaphorical sense, if he was indeed referring to a situation where the woman had not given consent. I hope that he nor anyone else ‘grabs’ women there, if it is not clear the she would like that. In any case, I figure you should grab, or maybe touch, her arm or something, as a gentile approach. A little tester, there is a lot of power in simple touch. Good idea, right? (See, sex advice on a post on Trump, from your friends at Radicalized.)

Trump talks men talk, especially rich white old entitled men talk. Almost all men have witnessed or have taken part in similar conversations. Women have taken part in such conversations.

But we would not have as much concern about women in power grabbing men’s ‘b***s’. And for the men that would cry foul, cry double standard, I say the double standard is fair.

The reason that would be fair is there is a patriarchal power dynamic which is preferential to men. And more importantly because men are not presented in our culture as sexual prey, while women are, continually. (This is explained much better in the “Women as Prey, Women as People” post.) There is a whole power differential to a man grabbing a women than there is to a woman grabbing a man.

The difference between most men (or women) and Trump, is like I said, he just says anything. The man told the world, that his daughter is so hot he would have sex with her, if she wasn’t his daughter! I’m inclined to believe that rather than Trump being an epic, monstrous and rare immoral pervert, he is simply one of the few who is prepared to say such a thing.

Almost every other politician is prepared to keep quiet about how they think of women, particularly in terms of sexual intimacy. Past Presidents have all understood that maintaining the respect for the Office of the President is paramount.

This President doesn’t think so. He is willing to tell you, to tell women, exactly what type of man gets elected to office. Don’t be a silly little girl or boy and think that those who came before were better and he is just a monster. He is only a monster because he’s unwilling to keep the secrets that every man in power keeps. He maybe the best President women ever had. At least his not willing to lie to them, well at least not about that.


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